Bolivian Coverage of US Presidential Debate

Name of Source: El De Ber

Name of Article (Translated): Obama accuses Romney of lying of having lied during the first debate

Country and City/State/Province: Santa Cruz, Bolivia

URL (original version):

URL (translated version):

Summary: Obama accused Romney of lying and joked about the lack of “real Mitt Romney” in the debate, mentioning that the Romney on the stage said very different opinions than what Romney had said in the past.

Screenshot of translated text:


Name of Source: La Razon

Name of Article (Translated): Obama defends himself after debate before Romney

Country and City/State/Province: South La Paz, Bolivia

URL (original version):

URL (translated version):,ctr:countryBO%26prmd%3Dimvns&sa=X&ei=Mp1wUP3QCqbEigLyjICADQ&ved=0CGcQ7gEwCQ

Summary: Obama went on the offensive after debating Romney, saying that Romney was putting on a façade. Bolivia reports that American media says that Romney finally turned this into a real US election, and Obama was mediocre.

Screenshot of translated text:



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